The tastiest peanut butter of all time finally revealed!

The tastiest peanut butter of all time finally revealed!

Peanut butter can be highly nutritious and a smart addition to most diets. Vicky is allergic, but Deni can have plenty. Here she reveals her faves:

Peanut butter is the best!

Peanut butter is the best!

I just LOVE peanut butter. I even wrote a huge feature about its health benefits for HerWorld Plus recently.

Eating nut butters can be a great idea for people who love sweet snacks: not only can they help with blood sugar spikes and crashes but they’ll help you feel fuller for longer.

As well as healthy unsaturated fat and protein, most nut butters provide some fibre, a range of B vitamins and Vitamin E as well as zinc, magnesium – which speeds up your metabolism and improves immunity – and copper.

Other nut butters such as almond, cashew, macadamia and brazil bring additional health benefits. Here are the best you should be tucking in to:


The best for artisan nut butter blends including dark chocolate and berries.


I love their original crunchy variety, which contains large chunks of peanut within a smooth peanut butter, so you get to enjoy the best of both textures.


Made from a superior pedigree of hi-oleic peanut, grown in New Zealand, now finally sold in the UK.


Their Brazil and pecan nut butters are outstanding stirred into porridge or added to a cookie recipe.


A fitness girls’ dream: peanut butter with a super-high protein content. And it’s vegan! I prefer smooth but you can also get crunchy.


I love tucking into their luxurious no-stir smooth and crunchy almond butters with some apple slices.

Pip & Nut

Gorgeous, classic peanut and almond butter done well, in a wonderful smooth-yet-bitty consistency. Options with added coconut oil too. Their 30g squeeze packs are perfect for on-the-go.

Mindful Bites

The one nut butter company which doesn’t do peanuts. I adore every flavour but Almond & Maca and Cashew Nuts & Baobab are my favourites.

Whole Earth

I love their mixed nut blends for complex tasting notes and a wider range of nutrients.

Pro Fusion

I adore this brand’s Maca Tigernut butter (not really a nut), which I bought from Planet Organic once. Absolute dream.

ALLERGIC? Check out Vicky’s feature on free-from food swaps including a FAB free-from nut butter.

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