Hotel heiress how to be healthy thailand

Thai Heiress and Fitness Guru on Her Health Secrets

Ying Trangkasombut reveals how she stays healthy in Thailand

Hotel heiress of Ammatara Pura Pool Villas on Thailand’s Koh Samui, Ying Trangkasombut reveals her fitness tips.

Hotel heiress how to be healthy thailand

Hotel heiress of Ammatara Villas: Ying Trangkasombut

Why is Barre your favourite workout?

Ying says: “Barre really works! The classes I go to have lots of variation in each workout routine so every time you do a class it feels as though you are doing something different. Your muscles and body are constantly in a state of shock as they never know what’s coming next! I originally did ballet as a child so had some experience with the barre movements, but as I grew up I started looking for a new type of exercise to help me firm up my thighs, this was when I discovered my first class in a Barre school in Bangkok and never looked back! The teachers were amazing and really knew exactly when you were feeling the burn in your body and when you weren’t”.

What are your 5 main tips to eating healthy in Thailand?

Ying how to stay healthy in Thailand
1. “My first tip is that when you go to a restaurant ask them not to put any MSG (Monosodium glutamate) in your food, at Ammatara we ensure there is none at all in any of our dishes. MSG is linked to many problems such as headaches and allergic reactions so I always avoid it.”

2. “There is a lot of rice in Thailand but if you choose a wholegrain or organic brown rice instead of the obvious white rice you will instantly get an added health kick to your meal”. (Brown rice is a complex carbohydrate meaning it’s fibrous and nutritious as well as filling!)

3. “I would recommend trying Kau Tom for breakfast, it’s a rice porridge and is a very natural, healthy breakfast which will leave you feeling fulfilled and energised pre workout, I have it most mornings!”.

4. “Add Mala to your salads or dishes. Male is a delicious herb and has cleansing properties as well as benefiting the digestive system”.

5. “My last recommendation is to have a Tom Yum soup for dinner, it’s such a delicious and healthy option that really will give you a feel of traditional thai food. This soup is flavoured with lemon grass and also can help prevent diabetes!”

“Oooh… you also should try Durian a thai fruit that is packed with health benefits as well as being jam packed with vitamins and minerals – although the taste and smell can be off putting!”

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Interview ying heiress ammataa

Vicky and Deni try Durian and Koh Tom at Ammatara Pura Villas

What’s in your gym bag?

“I always have grippy barre socks in my gym bag for the classes I go to. Maca water is another essential in my bag, I simply put 1tsp of maca powder which is an amazing superfood for energy in a bottle of water and shake it up. It is great pre or during your workout.”

Hotel heiress Ying training

Deni and Vicky trying Ying’s typical workout routine

Describe your typical day of eating?

BREAKFAST: Koh Tom with sweet potatoes, mushroom and egg

LUNCH: Fish, brown rice and fried vegetables

DINNER: A larger portion of Koh Tom with beans and vegetables, I keep my dinners lighter for better digestion over night.

SNACKS: I would eat fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, protein snacks like nutribars and small bananas.

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