The Best Personal Trainer Courses for Women’s Fitness

I’ve been studying personal trainer and women’s fitness courses on and off for several years, and I’d love to share some of my experiences. Whether you want to upskill your level of fitness expertise for personal or professional reasons, there are some great, affordable courses you can sign up for.

Studying to be a PT

Ever since I trained to compete in the bikini fitness show Miss Galaxy Universe in 2016, I’ve been interested in studying fitness and working as a PT. I was generously offered the NASM UK Gym Instructing and Personal Trainer courses for free in exchange for taking part in their marketing campaign. The Gym Instructing course qualifies you to be a group fitness instructor while the Personal Trainer course fully qualifies you to work as a Personal Trainer (level 3 in the UK and equivalent to level 4 in Australia). It was a great, enjoyable course that I completed with ease. However, I didn’t start working as a PT because I was neck-deep in my flourishing career as a journalist and blogger. Soon after, I moved to Australia. If I’m honest, I also felt like I lacked the confidence to lead someone else through fitness professionally.

Registering with Fitness Australia

For the next 4 years, I worked as a journalist and writer. But mid-way through 2020, we were going through the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia with lockdowns, job losses and a crashing economy. My interest in a PT career and capitalising on my fitness skills was reignited, so I signed up with CIMSPA to get my NASM UK qualifications recognised here and be able to start working in a gym facility. I also wanted to be registered with Fitness Australia to have that extra backing, similar to REPs in the UK. It turns out that I needed to complete 20 CECs (continuing education credits) and 30 hours of work in a gym before Fitness Australia would sign me off. I paid the fee and started looking around for short courses with CECs attached.

CECs in Women’s Fitness

I found some great courses on the Fitness Australia website and through various fitness education bodies that focused on general PT work, nutrition, business management, risk assessment, plus pregnancy and women’s fitness. While working my way through the courses, I landed an amazing job in cruelty-free beauty PR Management which I love and now takes up a lot of my time. However, I am still interested in completing this pursuit of upskilling in women’s fitness, at the very least because now that I am pregnant, it will assist me through prenatal workouts and postnatal recovery. In particular, I was overjoyed to find a course by The Australian Fitness Network called Fitness Mastery Series: Ultimate Women’s Training Toolbox – worth a hefty 5 CECs. The course is normally $119-$149 but it was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

All About My Course

The Australian Fitness Network Fitness course assists in female-centric training program development. The lessons describe the anatomical, physiological, hormonal, metabolic, cognitive, and behavioural differences that apply to women’s training styles and goals. Mental health, menopause, mindset, and pelvic floor work are all covered, as well as safe pregnancy exercise. The Ultimate Women’s Training Toolbox covers critical ages, life stages, and a vast scope of considerations. There’s focus on self-esteem, nutrition, body image and mental health for training and coaching via 5 online video presentations, that take about 5 hours total. I’m finding it incredibly educational and useful. I feel empowered to take charge of my own fitness through this new and exciting life stage – and hopefully help other women do so in future, too!

Sign up and complete the course by October 15th 2021 for qualifying CECs with Fitness Australia or REPs NZ.

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Deni Kirkova
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