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Mini took Deni to Buenos Aires for the Dakar – the most dangerous motor rally on Earth. The exclusive press trip for Daily Mail Travel included tour of bivouac, lunch in the desert and a 4×4 off-road experience.


Of all the endurance rallies around the world, Dakar is known as the deadliest, most dangerous – and many say, most fun. It has the largest following of all, and more than 80 per cent of competitors are amateurs who pay handsomely for the privilege of taking part. And they know they might not even make it past the first stage. Terrains are much tougher than at any other rally. Beastly off-road vehicles struggle to pass even the first stage, battling with salt, mud, dunes, rocks, and sky-high altitudes.

Every year the pictures that emerge from the spectacular event look more dramatic, more dangerous… and more enticing. But what is it really like on the road with the daredevils and petrol heads who love nothing more than challenging themselves across some of the world’s most extreme terrains? The 9,000km route changes every year and organisers ensure competitors are pushed to their limits. But if it was easy – if it was feasibly doable – it wouldn’t be a Dakar.

Serious competitors spend many months leading up to the race preparing for the toughest parts of the course: getting fit spinning at the gym, wearing oxygen masks for high altitude, and trying to figure out the route. All the information they’re allowed to navigate them through the race is a rolling paper guide connected to the wheels detailing kilometres and direction. Many don’t stand a chance, but they can’t get enough. Read the full piece here.

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