The ins and outs of semi-permanent brows - Bikini Girls tried it

Everything You Need to Know About Semi-Permanent Brow Tattoos

Everything You Need to Know About Semi-Permanent Brow Tattoos

Semi-permanent make-up ad brows seem to be all the rage at the moment. But what is this latest trend and, most importantly, does it hurt? Vicky Hadley did some digging around to find out more and came across the answer… in a word or two, Browhaus.

Celebs, reality TV stars and instagrammers including ex on the beach’s Nicole Bass, the stunning Michelle Keegan amongst others are raving about microblading amongst other forms of semi-permanent make-up and have even ditched the slap to reveal an even more flawless natural look without any added make-up. So, what’s their seriously unfair secret?

I headed into Browhaus in Holborn to find out. Located three minutes from Holborn tube station I was introduced to beauty technician Chermaine to chat all things brows. You always feel at ease when your technician represents the brand well and that’s the least I could say for Chermaine’s stunning and striking brows. ‘Basically just give me what you have’, I joked.

Chermaine revealed she’d treated many celebrities and clients with browhaus’ signature treatment, the ‘brow resurrection’, including ladies who had no eyebrow hair at all to begin with. We talked about the look I’d like to try suggesting a thicker brow would suit my face better as I had larger facial features.


Warmer brown suits lighter skin tones and cooler brow suits darker skin tones


How does it work?


First the colour…

Colour matching is really important as choosing a colour way too dark for your skin tone will really not do much in terms to complimenting your features. There are different shades of colours I’d had the ‘brown’ shade in mind but when I was told about ‘cool brown’ and ‘warm brown’ I hadn’t realised it would be so technical. Warmer brown suits lighter skin tones normally Chermaine reveals whilst the cooler brown is optimal for those with darker skin tones. Warm brown was the best match for my skin so we moved onto shape.

Choosing the best shape…

Choosing your shape is not just about filling in the gaps of missing hair. Often we find ourselves (at least I do) attempting to draw on my brows after copying make-up bloggers and Youtubers and failing miserably. Shape can be determined and decided from numerous factors, the initial shape of your brows, the size of your features and how thick / thin – arched / straight your personal preference is.


Chermaine next draws on the shape of the brow she thinks would suit your face, one brow was thicker and longer whilst the other thinner and shorter. This was for me to decide which I preferred. We both agreed the thicker and longer one was preferred so the eyebrow make-up was removed and numbing cream replaced it.

A needle that makes a very loud sound much like that of a electric razor, draws each individual hair stroke across my brows

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Vicky before (above) and after (below) having her eyebrows microbladed with Chermaine

Numbing and tattooing…

Now, If like me the reason you’ve avoided microblading until now is because of the pain you’re not alone. ‘I’m a massive whimp when it comes to pain’, I gushed – shaking my hand and rolling my eyes when Chermaine assured me it wouldn’t hurt. However, she was right. After the numbing cream had set for around ten minutes. Chermaine started the brow resurrection process. A needle that makes a very loud sound much like that of a electric razor, draws each individual hair stroke across my brows. I could feel the needle touching my skin but I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever.

After the treatment was finished and I was given a mirror to look at the results. I let out a loud shout of happiness, they were very dark especially as they were freshly done and were set to fade over the next few days but overall they looked incredible and such an improvement from my lighter, gappy brows.

Next steps…

Over the next ten days I was directed to apply a product called ‘ice cream’ (£29.00) which works as a eyebrow cooler, helping to soothe the brow area from its liquorice root and mint extract. Paired with a ‘build’ (£25.00) product which helps to repair and regenerate the skin cells after the treatment.

I had a follow up treatment a month after the initial one to see how my brows had healed and top up the colour to help it set for good. The best thing about brow resurrection is that you will give your brows time to grow into the template of your new brows if you pay attention to the shape and pluck the hairs around the template you have been given.

It has been four weeks since my final ‘brow resurrection’ treatment and I still am absolutely in love with them. So many people have complimented me on them and disbelieved that they were always like that now I’d had the brow resurrection.

Please let me know any questions you may have about the treatment but I hope this review helps you understand and feel excited about the process of brow resurrection.


Treatments can be booked here.
Prices for brow resurrection can be found here.

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