The NEW Botox: Dysport Anti-Wrinkle Injections

The NEW Botox: Dysport Anti-Wrinkle Injections

You may have been getting Botox for years, but have you heard about Dysport? The anti-wrinkle injections are gaining traction – and for good reason.

Anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox have been a staple beauty treatment of many women who want to combat the signs of ageing. The ‘toxin’ compounds paralyse the facial muscles that cause the skin between our brows to furrow and that by the corners of our eyes to bunch up when we smile.

Picture credit: M1 Med Beauty

But Botox and Dysport can be used to halt more than just facial movements that give your age away. As well as combatting wrinkling, the injections can be used to reduce excessive underarm perspiration, and much more.

The Difference Between Botox and Dysport

Dysport is Botox’s younger sister, having been around a shorter time than its older, more popular botulinum counterpart. So, why do you need to know about it? Here are the main differences:

Dysport works FASTER and covers a larger area than Botox.

Studies show Dysport works better, and the ‘look’ is preferred compared to the Botox look – though we’re not told why.

Dysport may wear off a little faster than Botox, but that has been disputed among my circle of beauty-industry friends.

Dysport may be more on its way to becoming a more vegan-friendly choice. Read more about cosmetic treatments, animal testing etc, here.

Overall, Dysport is worth knowing about and definitely worth trying.

So, What About Results?

Let’s talk about tried-and-tested results. A long-standing Botox fan, I recently came across the Dysport treatment at Melbourne’s M1 Med Beauty (simply called, Anti-Wrinkle Injections).

Deni before (right) and after (left)

The salon is a new branch of the business here in Australia, having been established in Europe for years. It’s situated in the beautiful House of Terre A Mer in the CBD.

Always a fan of trying something new, I decided to go for it and opted to have three areas treated – my forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet. I have to say I love the results.

The main difference is I feel like more of my forehead is affected than what the equivalent of Botox normally achieves, plus it looks more natural. My practitioner asked me whether I wanted a little movement left in the areas and I said yes. The results I’m left with are natural-looking, widespread, and without a wrinkle in sight.

If you’re in Melbourne (or, indeed, anywhere in Germany or Europe) and fancy trying Dysport for yourself, you can enquire about a booking at M1 Med Beauty right here.

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M1 Med Beauty in Melbourne’s CBD
Deni Kirkova

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