Salon Spy: Three best places to get… lash extensions in London

Salon Spy: Three best places to get... lash extensions in London

This week Deni reveals how keep your lashes looking stunning with zero effort (just extensions).

When I’ve got a tan on and I’ve been washing my face properly I don’t tend to wear foundation or any makeup really. What I do instead when I want to treat myself is get very natural lash extensions done, and honestly it’s the best for looking pretty with no effort.

They can set you back between £75-£200 depending on where you go and where you live (it tends to be more expensive in London) so they can be quite then investment, but they should last you a solid two to three weeks before you need in-fills.


For the natural look

I love the individual lash extensions service by a lovely salon called Blush & Blow in Fulham.

After I get them done I feel totally made up but look natural because I go for a natural length with just a few longer lashes at the end of the eye.

I think they would suit absolutely every woman, as long as she isn’t too funny about her eyes being touched.


For the glamorous look

If you want those ‘wowzer’ feathered, Russian lashes then Lash Bar in central London do a great job.

I’ve had them before and they do various lengths but even the huge and glamorous lashes are done totally bespoke and very well-tailored to your individual eye and face shape.

They could set you back up to £200 for a set but you’ll get the most envy-inducing lashes!


A more accessible service

Let’s be honest – lash extensions can be a bit expensive for the average girl to keep up every fortnight.

Though considering their many benefits, a lot of women would say the money is worth it.

For those who normally find them too dear, one place offering a similar service to most for less (£75 for a full set).

So Me Beauty is a little further out and has two branches in the Clapham area and one in Colliers Wood.

They’re super successful (you may have seen their brow stations in Superdrug stores) so you’d be going to an established, well-backed establishment.


For the personal experience

I’ve had my lashes done by this lovely lady based in London many times and she’s brilliant.

Her company is called Luscious London / Lashes By Luisa. Check out her Instagram and Facebook pages.

She uses a variety of lashes including Nouveau and comes to your house to apply stunning lashes in less than two hours. Luisa’s happy to chat or not, depending on whatever you feel like.

It’s sometimes so nice to not even have to change out of your pyjamas and have your lash lady come round and do your lashes in the comfort of your own home.

I highly recommend Luisa’s services!

Deni x

Deni Kirkova
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