Travel Beauty Tips: Beat Jet Lag Face and Pack Like a Pro

Travel Beauty Tips: Beat Jet Lag Face, Pack Like a Pro

Whether you’re a seasoned long-haul traveller or new to transatlantic flights, read on for the BEST travel beauty tips.

During my years of flying long-haul I’ve accumulated a few golden travel beauty tips on surviving and thriving through the journey and the jet lag.

Let me tell you something though, moving from London to Australia is another beast altogether. Here are my top tips for during and after the flight so you can survive the time difference of hell.

Beat jet lag face with these tips


  1. Do not wear makeup on the plane. If you want to wear it to look good at the airport and meeting your travel companions, great. Take it off when you take your seat.
  2. A good all-rounder cleanser. I recommend using Clinique’s to wash your face in the washroom when you get on the plane.
  3. Pastel & Mortar hyaluronic acid serum. Because it’s gloopy texture & won’t spill during turbulence. Apply this after cleansing and drying your face.
  4. Fantastic hand cream. I’ve been using Dove deep comfort. Put a little of this on your hands after each wash.
  5. Effective ear plugs. PartyPlug ear plugs by Alpine Hearing Protection, come in at $24 AUD, and they do the job.

    PartyPlug ear plugs by Alpine Hearing Protection

    They have a unique design and are made of thermoplastic material which shapes itself to your ear canal using body heat. This means they offer a superior snug and comfortable fit all day or night.

    The earplugs also contain special sound filters which work for sleeping, flying, partying, swimming and children.

  6. Do not wax straight before a long flight. Your skin will already dry out from the ridiculous humidity (it can be like 1-3% on a plane when on land it can be around 15%). Your bikini line will thank you. Of course you can wax three days before flying and you should be okay, but I couldn’t!


I headed to the Beauty Wax Bar in Sydney, 20 minutes from this most famous beach and where I was staying, Bondi, for a facial and wax the very same day I landed. It was the best post-travel beauty decision I’ve made.

So many things made me feel balanced and good again after a hellish 7 then 13 hours flight. I turned up looking horrific, left looking less so, and woke up the next day looking bloody fantastic.

Owner Olya and beauty therapist Ashley were so lovely upon entering the salon. Ashley performed the treatments.


First I had a bikini wax, to then enjoy the facial more relaxed. At Beauty Wax Bar they use a lavender wax which is really good for sensitive skin.

My skin was certainly more sensitive after drying out on the plane and also due to sleep deprivation my pain threshold was lower, so the lavender wax was perfect. I’m sure her technique was pain-reducing too, and the experience was relatively pleasant, which I was super relieved about.


Next Ashley did a bespoke facial engineered to tackle all kinds of post-travel beauty issues. She started out by covering me with a blanket (so nice) and turning down the lights, covering my hair and cleansing my face. Afterwards I felt like I’d had a full night’s sleep. Ideal!

After 2 cleanses she put on a pore-minimising toner, then a super-peel containing 3 peels, to gently resurface the skin on my face and thoroughly exfoliate. It was not the most pleasant 3 minutes of my life but all for the greater good, and now my skin looks fantastic.

Next, Ashley put a light machine over my face which was to emit red light for stimulation of collagen and reducing of photodamage effects for 10 minutes. This helped because I was more lined than usual and I’d been out in the sun earlier that day.

During this time Ashley massaged one of my feet, by which point I kind of dozed off for a while. Anyone else just turn to goo when they get their feet massaged?

After that 10 minutes she changed the light to blue (anti-blemish) and moved on to the next foot. Bliss. Ashley applied a so-called glow mask, which is clay based and combats excess oil while also being super hydrating; perfect for post flight blemish-prone skin.

To finish, Ashley performed a lymphatic drainage massage to my chest, shoulders, head and face.

If you ave any questions about this drop me line on Instagram or give Beauty Wax Bar a call.

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