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TRAVEL TIPS: How to be healthy in Thailand

TRAVEL TIPS: How to be healthy in Thailand

When I go abroad it’s no secret that I love to be healthy. From trying the cultures healthy cuisine to trialling brand new, unique exercise classes and Thailand was most certainly no different.

“I spent three weeks with the other half of Bikini Girls exploring Thailand, flying between cities and sailing between islands. Within these three weeks I certainly experienced some of the best cuisine and activities that definitely need to be shared. So, before you book your next holiday I strongly suggest you take a little read at the below and opt for Thailand…. Here’s my ultimate recommendations for your healthy to do list in Thailand! Love Vicky”

Restaurants in Thailand

Restaurant: Eat.Co

vegan haven healthy thailand
Location: Koh Pangnan
What is it? A vegan havan serving the most incredible vegan waffles and pancakes!
Why do we love it? Koh Pangnan is well known for it’s quirky vegan restaurants and it’s reputation preceded it well. Our little cafe boasted wooden tables and cute pillows that meant you were seated low down with crossed legs to dine. The large menu offered breakfast, brunch and lunches all vegan with so many plant based and gluten free options that we spent nearly half hour debating what to have.

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Restaurant: Good Souls Kitchen

vicky trying good souls kitchen
Location: Chaing Mai
breakfast at good souls kitchen healthy thailandWhat is it? Another delicious plant based restaurant we discovered during our stay in Chaing Mai which we enjoyed so much we went back three times!
Why do we love it? This restaurant served the best scrambled tofu and sweet potato hash I’ve ever had. From turmeric spiced meals to raw, vegan brownies it is definitely a restaurant to try. The dishes are very large portions and the price point is extremely affordable around £4.00 per dish. Here is what the table ordered!

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Restaurant: Ammatara Pura Villas Resort

The Bikini Girls dining at Ammatara Pura Villa

Location: Ammatara Pura Villa in Koh Samui
Menu: The menu is packed full of healthy, high quality dishes and recipes to give you the ultimate taste of Thailand.

The traditional dining evening: Sampling Thailand’s authentic dishes including Durian and boiled rice

Why we love it? From high quality, aromatic Green Curries, to vegan or gluten free dishes this hotel offers you it all. They boast one of the only soy yoghurts available in Thailand and can create fresh smoothies or juices especially for you every morning. The resort caters to your every need from plant based and healthy dishes morning to cookery classes teaching you how to recreate the Thai Cuisine yourself.

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The seaweed salad starter served at Ammatara Pura

Restaurant: Khunkae’s Juice Bar

Location: Chaing Mai
Menu: An adoreable smoothie bar located down the backstreets of Chaing Mai
Why do we love it? With a large smoothie bowl and smoothie jar recipe packed with antioxidants and vitamins we spent most of our mornings here. The menu boasted frozen acai, blueberry and chocolate bowls made of banana, mango and coconut milk. The bowls only cost 80 baht which is the equivalent of just under £2 (not quite the £6-8 you’d pay in London) – and they’re definitely extremely filling!

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deni muay thai at the Siam

Deni learning how to punch in The Siam

Where is it? Bangkok in The Siam Hotel
What is it? Muay Thai
Why do we love it? This class made me go from ‘ballerina to boxer’ in all of forty minutes. From weak, air punches to high kicking a punch bag, I could not recommend this class enough. Our teacher built up our adrenaline with his ‘oooh’s’ and ‘aaah’s’ depending on how impressed he was with our punches and kicks, despite the fact his English was minimal we could decipher exactly what he thought and all felt a huge desire to impress him with our fighting skills.  The class is delivered in the gym of The Siam and is a stunning, spacious studio complete with a boxing ring and all the equipment you need. The class is an hour long in which you will learn exactly how to dodge, punch, kick and fight like a pro Muay Thai fighter in the safe hands of your instructor – definitely a highlight of our trip.

Class rating? 5/5

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Sticky Falls

Where is it? Chang Mai
What is it? A waterfall where the moss and rocks have eroded away leaving behind rocks that are sticky meaning it is safer to climb.
Why we love it? Besides the fact that this isn’t a tourist attraction and is completely free? Well, you are climbing a stunning waterfall in the middle of a jungle – can you get a more adrenaline pumping, gorgeous sightseeing day trip in Thailand? We don’t know…

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Deni Kirkova

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