Coeliac? Read on! Vicky Describes her Typical Gluten-ree Day

Coeliac? Read on! Vicky Describes her Typical Gluten-Free Day

Being gluten-free or coeliac… lets face it is a pain! Not to mention most people think you are either, 1. Just a fussy eater or 2. Lying.
But with the amount of gluten intolerances dramatically rising and so many people finding they do genuinely feel better cutting out gluten is really isn’t any surprise that the gluten free market has quickly evolved.

Many people ask how I can eat gluten free all day long, well it really isn’t actually that hard if you know how and it doesn’t have to be expensive either… Love bread or cereal? It’s not off the menu completely and it can be made healthier with some of these amazing gluten free companies… and here’s how.




If you don’t know my love for porridge by now I’d be VERY surprised… I’m a huge advocate for “proatz” Protein powder mixed with oats, not only does it taste delicious but it keeps you fuller for a lot longer. I am obsessed with Quakers new gluten free oats, mixing them with my favourite protein powder, Reflex Vegan Powder, from and hot water or even with alpro soya yoghurt and raspberries for a healthy, protein rich boost.

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Get Quakers here.
Get Reflex Protein here.



bfree wraps gluten free

Wheat free wraps are possible and totally attainable thanks to BFree. Brand new to the gluten free scene these wraps are made from Sweet Potato and high in Vitamin E, A and fibre making them a perfect, healthy alternative to bread.

Try them with sweet chilli sauce and mixed beans for a fajita style mexican dish that will keep you and your diet on track whilst ensuring your belly is happy too!

Get them here.



bikini girls diary heck gluten free foods
Heck are a coeliac friendly company offering a range of meat and veggie options. Most of Heck’s products are allergen friendly avoiding dairy and gluten but some do contain nuts.

heck free veggie gluten free

If you fancy a Barbecue or protein rich dinner then Heck are the go-to site. With coeliac friendly sausages and burgers flavoured with different spices or vegetarian nutty options you will be left spoilt for choice and never without – even those who eat gluten couldn’t tell the difference (although they did note the delicious flavours)!

Get it here.


malaysian-butternut-squash-ready meal gluten free bikini girls diary
Don’t fancy cooking tonight? We’ve got that sorted too… Eating a ready meal doesn’t have to be unhealthy or filled with processed ingredients – in fact Kirsty’s Healthy Ready Meals have nailed it! With gluten free meat and vegan options there is something for everyone!

At under 400 calories per meal all of Kirsty’s meals are made using only the best natural ingredients avoiding gluten, wheat and dairy and still ensuring that they taste delicious, Kirsty’s is a go-to in the evenings!

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Get them here.



nains gluten free crackers bikini girls diary

Nains are an amazing ‘pick me up’ snack – low calorie and high in fibre they are a healthy alternative to a biscuit and will keep you fuller for longer. Filled with natural ingredients they not only taste delicious but they will leave you feeling guilt free and as though you have indulged… WIN WIN. The crackers are packed in pouches making them amazing lunch box essentials.

Get them here.



These delicious and healthy crisps alternatives are a lunch box essential – having always been the crisp lover (it’s something about the crunch) but wanting to be healthy these lentil crisps are the perfect option. My favourite flavour was the jalapeno and lime, each bag is under 99 calories and low in fat making it a macro friendly option as well.

Get them here.


trek coconut gluten free bikini girls diary

The Coconut flapjack is a seriously tasty and satisfying snack for when those hunger cravings hit.  Made with gluten free oats, coconut chips, protein crunchies and topped with a layer of dark chocolate, Trek bars are packed with protein and make the perfect pre or post workout snack.

Get them here.

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