Vicky and Josh at F45 Stratford

The ULTIMATE 3 London Gym’s you NEED to try!

The ULTIMATE 3 London Gym's you NEED to try!

F45 Stratford
Vicky and Josh at F45 Stratford

Vicky and Josh at F45 Stratford

Why I love it? F45 has quickly become one of my new favourite places to train with a mega motivation kick behind it. The trainers push you to your limit whilst ramping up the energy of the entire class. Each day there is a different class on and they happen multiple times throughout the day. Plus even celebs like Olly Murs turn up – and don’t forget their ambassador Bradley Simmonds – we’re sure you’ll want to train there now, right!

Sweat factor: 5/5 This gym is guaranteed to get you completely dripping! My favourite class for the sweat factor has to be the Athletica class.

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1Rebel Victoria
Best london gyms 1rebel

Vicky (left) and Max (aka Sunshine and Waffles) at 1Rebel

Why I love it? I’ve been a massive fan of 1Rebel for quite some time now, regularly trying their Rumble (an intense boxing class) or Reshape (a HIIT class based on the treadmills with a resistance workout addition) classes. However, just last week I was invited down to the launch of their brand new studio in Victoria – and WOW it blew me away! This studio is purely spin based and has a luxury, club like vibe with atmosphere bouncing off the walls… I mean see for yourself:

Sweat Factor: 5/5 another full mark from me on the sweat factor with this class – the instructor and loud bass music will get you pumped for your workout that you won’t want to cut any corners!

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DW Fitness First


 Why I love it? If you fancy doing your own weighted workout rather than a class, which like me I often do! Then this is my ULTIMATE go-to gym! The atmosphere is loud, buzzing and as I would describe a real gym lovers heaven! My favourite gyms are London Cottons Club and Tottenham Court Road. They also boast a huge variety of classes which you can check out here

Fancy trying it out for size? Well they even give you a 3 day guest pass to do just that! WIN WIN!

Try out a guest pass now! 

Hope you enjoy my favourite gyms right now and let me know what you think of them! Love Vicky xxx

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