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Could this be the ULTIMATE skin saviour? Joshi Clinic Marylebone Review

The ULTIMATE skin saviour: Viva Venus - Reviewed

Dry skin, oily skin, breakouts, rashes… WHY can’t skin ever seem to stay balanced? Well, I think I have just found the solution.

So, between you and I (and everyone else reading this blog) but is it just me whose skin seems to have constant PMS? One minute my skin will be so dry I need to sleep in a pot of moisturiser and the next I’ll look like last nights pepperoni pizza (and I’m not even kidding). I am the definition of having ‘combination skin’.

I would maybe go as far as to say I honestly think she has changed my skins life!…

As many of you know I spend a heck of a lot of time in the gym and am often busy getting sweaty and toned in between a lifestyle of coffee meetings, green juices and lunches on the go. Yes, I’m the stereotypical blogger and PR gym bunny. I have a great make up and cleansing routine but it doesn’t seem to prevent those annoying pesky breakouts. I went to see skin therapist Clare Peters based in the Joshi Clinic in Marylebone and I would maybe go as far as to say I honestly think she has changed my skin. By Vicky Hadley

Joshi clinic marylebone

After chatting about my skin with Clare she explained to me how even though my diet was great and my skin care was good it might not actually be the right thing for my skin. Within about five minutes I had been educated on the products I should be using and what I should be avoiding. I suffer with keratosis on my arms (a rash that looks very much like eczema and can be due to having a gluten allergy – which I do!) and the occasional breakout on my face. Clare explained to me that Venus Viva would be the best facial for me and would also help clear my keratosis. Having fully believed I would have to cope with the rash for my whole life I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing and although I was biting back my excitement incase it wasn’t true I could feel myself bubbling over.

could this REALLY be the cure to my skin??

After my first Venus session on my arms my skin was noticeably flatter, still quite pink but rather than having an entire red bumpy arm I had clear skin patches and my skin looked pinker. I felt overwhelmed – could this REALLY be the cure to my skin?? After another two sessions and my skin was no longer red and the back of my arms were no longer bumpy. I still have a tiny bit of very faint bumpy skin but the difference is absolutely crazy.

It has been over a month since my last session with Clare and the rash has not returned. I’m booked in for another two sessions of Venus Viva for my arms with Clare and we both think this is all I will need to keep it gone for good!

As for my face?

However, it wasn’t just my arms that Clare treated, she gave me a viva facial as well. The facial feels like tiny warm shocks. Clare uses the Venus Machine and runs it all across your face leaving a warm heated feeling that isn’t uncomfortable but is noticeable. Think of it as sparking collagen – heating your skin in order to enable new skin to produce quicker.

venus viva facial bikini girls diary

My skin after venus – no foundation on.

One week later my skin was completely clear

After my first session my face was a light pink shade from the heat but had a dewy clear look and the soft lines under my eyes were completely invisible. I was instructed to avoid make-up for the next day to allow my skin to fully heal and replenish.

One week later my skin was completely clear and fresh with the fine tired lines drastically reduced and the under the skin bumps completely gone.

How does Venus work?

Viva brings the latest in nanotechnology that is set to grip the aesthetic world. The Viva can be used to help the treatment of Acne Scars, Texture Improvement, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction and helps to rejuvenate the skin.

The Venus Viva Facial Procedure combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency and one of a kind SmartScan technology. It is the latest revolutionary technology that It is an all in one device.

The energy from the Viva tips are delivered in a different way. Instead of shooting energy all at once it delivers the energy (heat) and pulse duration (time) separately. So your practitioner knows much energy is delivered in each pin, delivering a better consistency. A lot of standard fractional technology devices fire up the energy but you can’t control the pulse duration so the energy is not distributed in an even way.

With standard Fractional technology, more energy is delivered to the edges of the tips and less in the middle. So you get a rather uneven treatment and this is visible after treatment with redness more prominent in some areas more than others.

The down time is hugely reduced due to the tips structure, which are totally differently than other Fractional technologies on the market. The pins shaped surface area is far smaller, in fact 30 times smaller so the wound size is significantly smaller.

What you need to know

Venus Viva treatments are best to book in a series of 3 or 4 sessions.

It is best to avoid make-up for the next day or so
You may experience redness straight after and dry skin whilst your skin heals and produces more collagen.

*Please note I tried Viva complimentary but all views are strictly my own*


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