Evanna Lynch for Vegan Life: Cover

Irish actress Evanna Lynch talks to Deni Kirkova about her gradual transition into veganism, Luna Lovegood, and launching her own vegan podcast.

Front cover feature for Vegan Life magazine written by Deni Kirkova.


I’m sitting in a pen with half a dozen eight-week-old baby lambs at Hugletts Wood Farm animal sanctuary in Sussex on a fresh April afternoon. Two best friends sit side by side, little blind white Stevie sips water, while friendly, handsome Douglas, who always appears to be smiling, looks for something to nibble on. Among them, and opposite me, sits Evanna Lynch: the gentle, elfin Irish beauty who captured the hearts of children across the world playing Luna Lovegood in four Harry Potter films, and is now making waves in the vegan community. We’ve just settled down after a BBQ feast of Fry’s vegan food, and it’s the most incredible place either of us have ever conducted an interview.

It’s not without its quirks, but we don’t mind at all. Douglas approaches Evanna a few times until eventually she picks him up for a cuddle. He relaxes into her arms, in total peace and comfort. They make the most photogenic pair.

The actress, now 25, was vegetarian from age 11. She suffered anorexia around the same time, and found any curiosities about veganism brushed off by her cautious mother. Evanna says: ‘She worried it was an eating disorder in disguise.’ But since then, well-meaning Evanna has turned from troubled and confused to a wise and healthy activist we can all aspire to be like. She’s soon to launch a vegan podcast called The Chickpeeps.

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