Vegan protein: Deni reveals how she hits her macros eating plant-based

Vegan protein: Deni reveals how she hits her macros eating plant-based

This week it’s all about the best ways to get your protein in as a vegan. / Sundried / Bikini Girls Diary / Sundried / Bikini Girls Diary

If you’re into fitness but don’t know much about vegan fitness in particular, you may wonder how I hit my protein macros.

You may already know, but adequate protein intake is essential for preserving muscle mass while on a cut (diet), for building muscle while bulking, and therefore for keeping metabolism high: the greater your muscle mass the better your body functions as a calorie-frying machine.

So, are you the kind of gym bunny who swears by lean cuts of chicken breast, salmon and eggs to hit your protein?

Have you wondered about another way that’s totally cruelty-free and still incredibly succulent and satisfying? / Sundried / Bikini Girls Diary / Sundried / Bikini Girls Diary

The minimum recommended intake is 0.8g of protein to kg of body weight per day – so for someone who weighs 58kg (130lbs) this would be at least 58g of protein. I eat double this, though!

I work out hard (as above, wearing my favourite Sundried outfit!) – so I try to incorporate protein into every meal: for example I have protein powder in my breakfast porridge, kidney beans and quinoa at lunchtime and lots of tofu for dinner.

Here are my top three brilliant ways to ensure you hit your protein macros every single day without harming any living creatures – and they’re tasty, too:



I could go on and on about this one. There are excellent varieties of vegan protein powders.

My favourites include STRIPPD, Vega, and Nature’s Plus Spiru-Tein in rich dark choc – it tastes insane. Like a rich hot chocolate. And it’s mostly protein. Witchcraft.

For better macros head to Reflex (sold on If you like natural flavours Nature’s Plus do Sunflower seed protein. Omega Nutrition do pumpkin seed protein (I love baking cookies with this), and MyProtein do a lovely hemp one, also pea. Order online.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE: Mix into porridge / chia seeds for breakfast. Top with berries and add some Udo’s oil.


Go look in Whole Foods vegan section or Holland & Barrett, they have a wide selection of excellent soya yoghurts. Check the back for the best macros.

Alpro Go On Plain is the most macro-friendly variety. £1.50 from Tesco, Ocado and Waitrose.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE: Mix protein powder into it and top with berries.


If you live in London go to any large Asian supermarket in Chinatown and get Fresh Tofu – you get 600g for about £1.50.

This will feed 2 cutting bikini models or one bulking bodybuilder for dinner.

Otherwise Cauldron firm tofu is fantastic, sold in pretty much every supermarket, and comes in from £1.50 for 397g.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE: Bake in tamari, ginger and sunflower seeds until crispy, serve with lots of lightly steamed broccoli, some sweet potato and avocado. / Sundried / Bikini Girls Diary / Sundried / Bikini Girls Diary

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