Want that PERFECT white smile? Here’s how YOU can get it!

The smile is one of the first things you notice when you look at somebody. It is often one of the main traits we look for in a partner also, those white gleaming knashers and Hollywood smiles are definitely something to be envied, but how accessible are they to us? The bikini girls find out…


Vicky [left] and Deni [right] with their white smiles

How does it work?

Enlighten is said to be one of the best methods of teeth whitening so when we were asked to review we jumped at the chance…

Upon entering the Enlighten building I was greeted by Dr Sia Mirfendereski who consulted me about what it was that bothered me about my teeth and find out how he could assist me with attaining my dream smile.

I explained how, although I wasn’t unhappy with my smile I really would love a brighter, whiter smile (who wouldn’t) and had previously tried DIY whitening treatments without much luck.

Dr Sia Mirfendereski explained that he would be creating a mould of my teeth that would allow me to comfortably bleach the entirety of my teeth at night.¬†I had a soft¬†mould placed into my mouth during the first appointment which I was told to bite into.¬† It moulded instantly around my teeth, leaving an imprint of my top and bottom teeth before being removed.¬†The mould took around two weeks to be developed in which I was directed to use Enlighten’s teeth¬†whitening toothpaste in the mean time (which I will admit actually did seem to lighten my teeth before I even underwent the bleaching treatment).

When my mould was ready, Enlighten gave me their bleaching gel which I had to place a small dot of on each tooth of my mould. Over the next two weeks I had to sleep with the mould in my mouth and the bleaching gel applied to each tooth.

On days one to three my teeth felt a tiny bit sensitive from the treatment, the active ingredient in enlighten works by breaking down stains in the enamel to leave you with the white smile which is desired. After the first three days my teeth adapted to the gel pretty quickly and felt fine.

The final result

Both girls under went Enlighten

At the end of the two weeks I could see a massive difference in my teeth, not only were they noticeably whiter but they shone and sparkled and my confidence was through the roof. I returned for a check up at the end of the treatment as Dr Sia Mirfendereski advised he likes to give his patients a final whitening treatment in the dentist chair to really maximise the result.

“Enighten is for patients who want predictability. ¬†Rather¬†than¬†hit and miss, our mantra is do it once and do it right. ¬†Developed by¬†dentists¬†in the UK, Enlighten Teeth Whitening¬†treatment¬†is simple and effective. ¬†Guaranteed to whiten any teeth right to the top of the natural shade guide used by dentists, results last¬†indefinitely¬†with some very simple maintenance.”¬†¬†Payman Langroudi, dentist and Clinical Director at Enlighten

How to maintain your new smile?

I used Enlighten’s Evo-White toothpaste before and after my treatment finished.

I chose to drink dark drinks including coffee through a straw (not necessary but it gave me a piece of mind knowing that my teeth were staying white!)

My Enighten treatment was carried out by Dr Sia Mirfendereski at Wimpole Dental Office and it cost £595.00.


enlighten teeth whitening how to get whiter teeth

Dr Sia Mirfendereski at Wimpole Dental Office

I have now maintained my teeth¬†for two months with a natural but very white smile and haven’t needed to re-bleach yet. Deni has maintained hers for a year and used the enlighten bleaching gel to top up the brightness a couple of times.

You can buy all the added accessories including tooth paste, and serum paste here.


Deni Kirkova
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