Warner Bros. Movie World Review

Warner Bros. Movie World Review

Visiting Gold Coast and not sure which theme park to visit? Whether you’re with thrill-seekers or the kids, make it Warner Bros. Movie World.

I can’t help but smile and laugh as I’m launched skyward from 0-100 km/h in just 2 seconds. There’s nothing quite like the breathtaking thrill of an Accelerator Launch Coaster. Anyone who has been on Stealth at Thorpe Park in the UK will know the feeling.

Such tremendous speed is one of the Superman Escape ride’s biggest selling points. I felt reassured rather than terrorised, as Superman was saving us from a disaster in the ‘story’ of the ride. The big red rollercoaster dominated centre view as we walked in through the Warner Bros. Movie World gates, and the vertical climb and drop set us up for a thrill.

Right next door to Superman Escape was the Green Lantern ride which was, unfortunately, out of order. However, the huge DC Rivals HyperCoaster was in service. This is known as the tallest, longest and fastest in the Southern Hemisphere. Gulp.

The Biggest Rollercoaster Ever

I honestly am a bit of a wuss who happens to hang out with wild and adventurous friends who convince me to go on the big rides at theme parks. I was at Movie World with my boyfriend and, well, we made our first stop DC Rivals. This ride is casually known as ‘The Joker Ride’ because you see the Joker’s face at the top of the slow, giant climb… Lovely!

Check out the picture below to see just how much Andy loved it and how much I was holding on for dear life. Next time I’ll be sure to build up to a big ride like DC Rivals. Aside from a slightly nauseating experience of the HyperCoaster, I loved every single ride.

The DC Rivals HyperCoaster…! The tallest, longest and fastest in the Southern Hemisphere
Warner Bros. Movie World review
Me, centre-left, with Andy, centre-right (how much fun is he having?!)

Superman Escape was incredibly thrilling and my absolute favourite. The next best was the Scooby-Doo Spooky ghost train (Indoor Wild Mouse Coaster), which was a little more kid-friendly. Our carriage unexpectedly went backwards then up an elevator, which was thrilling and fun. We never knew what was coming.

I loved the dystopian Arkham Asylum ride too, which was inspired by the Joker and Harley Quinn. We were suspended from the top with our feet hanging down. This ride had lots of loops and corkscrews which were super fun, and there was a VR option which we didn’t have time to try.

Movie World For Families

There truly is something for everyone at Movie World. The theme park offers Looney Tunes, Warner Bros. movie, and DC Comic-themed attractions throughout the park. We saw some of our favourite childhood characters including Tweety Bird and Bugs Bunny at parades and dance parties throughout the day. Check out the entertainment schedule for full info.

Eventually, we needed a break so sat down for some lunch. We went to Gotham City Cafe for a lovely lentil veggie burger (it’s vegan, too). At some point a costumed Wonder Woman entertainer floated by, waving from her tower, looking amazing.

We browsed the numerous gift shops as our food went down and saw heaps of Looney Tunes and superhero-themed options for kids and adults. Andy and I bought $2 Batman and Catwoman masks. Halloween outfits = sorted.

Warner Bros. Movie World is in a super convenient location, too. The film studio themed amusement park is situated just 1 hour from the centre of Gold Coast. We took direct public transport there from Surfer’s Paradise and back to our hotel.

There are many attractions we didn’t get to try. Visit Movie World yourself today and buy tickets from $89 right here. Are you heading to Sydney? Read my review of Wet ‘n’ Wild today!

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