WE LOVE: Sundried – New ethical gym wear brand taking fitness by storm

WE LOVE: Sundried - New ethical gym wear brand taking fitness by storm

vicky deni running sundried

Photo by Toby Shaw

So, recently Deni and I announced across our social media platforms that we had found a partnership with Sundried gym wear and were extremely happy to share this news with you all for numerous reasons.

So why Sundried?

vicky sundried vicky sundried new ethical gym wear by bikini girls diary

Photo by Toby Shaw

Well, of course there is the ethical reason behind the partnership – Deni being a well known ethical vegan needed to find a brand that supported and also believed in her ethics. Sundried does just that.

Secondly the range itself – it is new, bespoke and unique. It is designed for the dreamers and the innovators.  This is definitely how Deni and I would like to promote our brand. Being that we dreamt up Bikini Girls Diary – and then worked extremely hard to turn our dream into a reality. Finding a brand with the same motto, mindset and beliefs was the perfect answer.

What about the range?

Okay… What’s not to love? Comfy, stylish, attractive and supportive. 

Here’s our favourites this season:

deni tricep extension sundried

Photo by Toby Shaw

The Sundried originals – The striking red Sundried Breithorn sports bra – this bra will leave you feeling full on energy, supported and totally on trend. With the matching leggings as modelled by Bikini Girl Deni.

Available here for £75.00

vicky running sundried outfit

Photo by Toby Shaw

The Sundried Tour Tank available in white and black modelled by Bikini Girl Vicky. This tank is our go to when we want to cover up whilst still feel pretty, supported and fashionable in the gym, yoga class or out running (which we don’t tend to do enough…)

Vicky loves the white tank whilst Deni prefers to exercise in black.

Which would you choose?

Both available here for £45.00 

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