How to have it all: Eat, drink and stay fit with my top ‘live limitless’ tips

Let’s be real… We can’t be ‘on it’ all the time.* I can sit here telling you all to train every morning, drink smoothies, eat like an angel and shun all booze and saturated fats every day of the week. But what’s that going to do? Send you into a spiral of unattainable goals and disappointments. And you’ll miss out on some of life’s best and most pleasurable experiences. The real secret to sustainable health and fitness is (unless you have an angel’s willpower and superhuman scheduling powers) all about taking steps and finding balance. As much as we have the best intentions to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle 24/7, for most of us it’s not realistic, especially when there’s so much of life out there to savour I’m currently working in and – more importantly – travelling and exploring Australia, and I’m not limiting myself. Those of you who have been following my journey on social media, you know I’ve been salsa dancing, drinking red wine and eating good and wholesome – but not macro or calorie-counted – food at amazing vegan Sydney restaurants including Nourishing Quarter and The Clean Treats Factory. I still train 3-4 times a week, and I walk a lot every day. I still consider myself a very fit and healthy person. How do I maximise my efforts? By eating right 80% of the time, and implementing sensible aids into my routine. I like to try out decent supplements for extra help and, most recently, I’ve started taking some fully vegan supplements from Live Limitless. These include the Live Lean energy booster (& fat burner) pills, which help me power through gym sessions and maximise fat burning potential. I’ve also been adding a dose of the highly-concentrated and bio-available Live Clean detox tonic in my morning

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Fitness First FGT bootcamp best fitness classes in london

London’s 5 BEST fitness classes to get you in shape quick

I’ve sweated my way round London’s fitness scene to bring you my top 5 fitness classes to get you in shape quickly! Plus, they all have been rated on my fun and sweat factor scale. Enjoy! Love Vicky x   We all know that dieting two weeks before beach season won’t cut it for results, so if like me you’re getting started early – let’s make it as fun and sweaty as possible!    If you’re in a rush for time but want to really feel that workout then this is the class for you. I did a morning 20 minutes FGT Bootcamp class at DW Fitness First London Cottons Club and left dripping with sweat! The class is split equally between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds rest – and trust me, you’ll want more rest! Within 20 minutes I’d battled with the battle ropes, swung and squatted with kettle bells and perfected my press ups. I love to feel worked hard during a workout and if you are the same then you need to give this one a try. With classes at many of the gym locations be sure to add this one to your morning routine – I’ll see you there. Sweat factor: 5/5 Fun factor: 4/5 See the timetable for FGT here. I’d heard a lot of positive things about F45 before I finally managed to venture down to their studio in Farringdon and I wasn’t disappointed. The classes typically last 45 minutes and are delivered as an intense HIIT style programme. There are different bases in which you, as group you take turns moving round. From burpees to kettle bells and battle ropes to deadlifts this class is sure to leave your heart pumping and endorphins high. The trainers take you round each base offering tips

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