Doing Veganuary? Here’s how to hit your protein macros

In the past week I’ve probably seen the word ‘Veganuary’ about 50 times a day on social media and I doubt I’m alone… Veganuary is a new trend which involves eating a vegan diet for the month of January with bloggers, influencers, celebs and the media jumping on board. So incase you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week or don’t have an instagram account and missed the veganuary trend, it basically means avoiding any type of food that comes from an animal, so that’s meat, fish, eggs and dairy all off the cards. Protein can help keep you feel fuller for longer Now, that may not sound too bad if your not much of a meat lover anyway, but for those of us who are into our fitness or exercise it can prove hard to reach your protein goal. See all foods are broken up into three macronutrient groups: carbs, fats and proteins. Most of our protein sources come from animal products so if you haven’t tried a veggie or vegan diet before then this sudden transition may find you feeling weaker and less satisfied as protein can help keep you feel fuller for longer.   Beans, tofu, peas, legumes, nuts and seeds are all vegan staples to add to your diet in order to get your protein in. However, you do need to eat a lot more of it than you would of animal sources to hit your macros. So, as easy way to boost your protein intake is by supplementing with a protein powder.  You can add protein powder to porridge, yoghurt and smoothies which will take them from a higher carb and fat breakdown to a high protein macro break down. A good quality vegan protein powder should be made from a premium mixed blend

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8 best booty moves without weights by bikini girls diary

7 Best exercises to build the booty WITHOUT weights

Don’t fancy / can’t make it to the gym today? No problem… These booty moves will have your glutes BURNING and all you need is a resistance band!   Raising the foot up, whilst keeping the hips in line, drive the leg up straight, lifting the glutes before bringing it down to tap the floor and repeating. Similar to the above, perform the same exercise but this time with a bent knee, concentrating on crunching the abs as it comes down Okay… time to grab a ball! I’m sure you have one somewhere. Keeping the resistance band on you will stand up to throw the ball at the wall and squat down to catch. Easy! This one is a serious burner! Keeping in a squat position you will walk side to side, stepping one foot first and dragging the other making sure you don’t raise your hips. Where would we be without squats? Keeping the shoulders back, drive your hips back, bending your knees then back up to standing, squeezing the glutes. Take the squat position again and just do small bounces here – really feeling the burn! Back to those squats again except this time you are jumping up instead of standing. Bend your legs and then fire up into a jump! 12 reps on each (that includes each individual leg) 3x through! GO GO GO! See more of Vicky’s workout videos on her instagram here:  

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