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Westside Yoga Revamp: Seddon’s Gorgeous Zen Studio

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Westside Yoga V2: Welcoming the Renovated Studio

Seddon’s Westside Yoga has reopened after a brief hiatus to evolve into its true potential. Extra classes, new teachers, and a stunning interior refit now truly reflect what the studio stands for.

At Westside Yoga, the mantra is Know Thyself. And the studio is now a fuller representation of its intentions. This is all thanks to its recent evolution at the hands of founders Mark and Lyndal. After a sacred blessing ceremony last week, the local community could not be happier to welcome them back.

Image by @adelerussellphoto

Mark says: ‘At the very heart of Yoga is a calling to return to true essence: to know what you are, beyond name, history and form. This is one of the fundamental principles of Yoga. Gently peel back the layers of identity and reveal your pure luminous self is a gift to yourself and all beings everywhere.

‘A holistic approach to yoga can dissolve the illusion of separation, isolation and human suffering. It clears the cluttered mind allowing us to embrace impermanence and change, to recognise our full potential and to truly live in harmony with everything and everyone.’

The Five Pillars

Westside Yoga’s teachings are underpinned by the following Five Foundational Teaching Pillars in order to support its students best.

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Meditation & Contemplation

Yoga Asana & Pranayama

Sacred Silence


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Mark says: ‘Westside Yoga was born in September 2016, out of a deep calling to return to the foundational fundamentals of Yoga. That is, the dissolving of the ego and reconnection to Self. Here, mindfulness, meditation, yogic philosophy, pranayama and self-enquiry are as equally part of the foundations of the studio as asana practice.’

Unfortunately, many teaching styles on the west side of Melbourne and beyond have settled into what is simply stretching in a yoga style. But this is not truly yoga. However, Westside Yoga’s is taking the focus away from the asana (physical practice) and towards the other elements of their five pillars instead. But don’t you worry, you will be working up a sweat in a Vinyasa class.

Find Yourself at Westside Yoga

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Mark continues: ‘We are built on strong and genuine connections with our community. Here there is no separation between teacher and student.

‘We teach with open hearts, grounded intentions and deep respect. Our teachers are highly trained, committed to their own practice and self-growth, love what they do, and teach from personal experience of yogic principles. Our classes are inclusive, connected, and mindful. They are designed to reconnect the body, mind and spirit. We use the asana practice to quieten the mind, and through this subtly inviting you to return to your natural and harmonious essence.

‘Our intention is to maintain an environment where each and every student feels safe and supported in exploring a more connected, content and mindful way of life. There is no judgement and no expectation.’

Evidently, everyone is welcome at Westside Yoga, regardless of experience. Through regular practice of yoga, the stresses of daily life dissolve into perspective so you’re free to find healing. Eventually the gap between the ‘doing’ yoga and the ‘being’ yoga melt into one. So if you’re curious, you can try your first 30 days for just $50.

The Sumptuous Interior Design

Westside Yoga by Deni Kirkova
Image by Deni Kirkova

Lyndal says: ‘The five pillars are the most important part of our evolution and that the physical representation of the studio reflects this. The warmth, held space that we have created physically is merely a manifestation of our teachings… Know Thyself. A safe place to land, be held, surrender into who we truly are.’

And what a warm sanctuary it truly is. As Lyndal alludes, the space at Westside Yoga has been made simply magical. You’ll find emerald plants in every corner both potted and hanging, intricate brasswork on tabletops and at the altar, plus sumptuous fabrics in harmonious colours over new bolsters and over furniture.

Looking to the edges of the room, magnanimous dark wooden beams decorate the walls, while soft hanging fabric diffuses ceiling lights. The five Feng Shui elements are balanced seamlessly, offering a truly yin space to escape from the buzz of daily life.

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Other evolutions include an extra 11 classes including midday practice Monday to Friday. This brings their offering up to 41 classes over the course of a week, plus events like sound baths. Also, the sessions have been renamed according to their traditional, ancient yogic names, such as Hatha and Vinyasa.

So relax, unwind, stretch it out and meditate at Westside Yoga; the only place to find yourself in the west side of Melbourne. See you on the mat.

Notes: There is one place available on the True Essence Retreat with owners Lyndal & Mark for a single or couple, details here.

Check out Westside Yoga’s events hosted by international teachers Les Leventhal and Swami Govindananda.

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