World Vegan Day: Hot dogs, good food on a budget and the best ice cream in Australia!

World Vegan Day: Hot dogs, good food on a budget and the BEST ice cream

Toby & I got large size at Chachas Ice Cream (Bikini Girls Diary / Deni Kirkova)

Toby & I got large size at Chachas Ice Cream (Bikini Girls Diary / Deni Kirkova)

Deni has scouted out some seriously awesome veg-friendly places to eat and stay in Sydney.

I’m celebrating to the full this November 1st, which is World Vegan Day, while travelling around Australia! 

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Bondi Backpackers’ vegan BBQ

Firstly, I’ve been staying at Bondi Backpackers, a newly-renovated hostel right in the middle of the strip on Bondi beach, at 110 Campbell Parade. It’s the best hotel ever – ideal for those who love the hostel vibe but appreciate consistent cleanliness, fresh, modern design and a touch of luxury!

They just got taken over by new owners and had a massive refurb in February, yet their rates are still pretty competitive despite all these selling points. You can save £20 on your next booking using this link (you’re welcome).

You really couldn’t be at a better location. Bondi beach must be Australia’s most famous beach attracting surfers, sun worshippers and beach addicts worldwide all year round.

Seitan hot dogs at Bondi Backpackers' BBQ (Bikini Girls Diary / Deni Kirkova)

Seitan hot dogs at Bondi Backpackers’ BBQ (Bikini Girls Diary / Deni Kirkova)

I stayed in a private room with my boyfriend Toby for a week and it was a dream: lovely big bed, posh bedside table, hangers for our clothes and a lovely fan to keep us cool. They’re going to have another renovation to install air conditioning which will be even better, but the fan was good enough for me!

Downstairs the reception area is really clean, tidy, well-designed and boasts the most stunning views of the beach. The kitchen is large, also clean and tidy, and well-organised, with fridges for your food and free tea and coffee facilities all day.

They have free or cheap activities every day for guests, and every Friday is their famous BBQ ($2 donation to take part).

If you’re vegan, like Toby and I are, you can request vegan sausages at no extra cost. We got lovely seitan ones and got 2 each, in buns, with ‘goon’ &orange juice (a mix of cheap Aussie wine and OJ is a popular travellers’ drink).

The hot dogs were super tasty & you can check out more about this on my YouTube video all about our trip so far, below: (excuse that thumbnail – ugh!!) Please subscribe to my channel)


Laurie’s Vegetarian

Toby and I ate here like four times while staying on Bondi, just up the road from ‘Backpackers, on Bondi Road (we are moving to Summer Hill this weekend!).

Laurie’s serves amazing, mostly vegan food at like just £7.50 for a small box. There are hot and cold dishes and you can choose whatever you want to fill your box up. If you choose to eat in it costs a little extra but I think you get a bit more food per size.

My favourite dishes are cauliflower and chickpea korma, and the lentil dish. I like this paired with the cinnamon rice and spinach. The cajun tofu salad is also nice and the creamy noodle dish too.

OMG and the burgers are so good too. Choose a tofu patty for a generous size this World Vegan Day. They come in giant wholemeal buns stuffed with salads & sauce, for $7 to go. Total steal and really filling. Toby was more into the burgers and we both adored the hot & cold dishes (especially hot). I loved the chocolate vegan balls at just $2 each.

Toby got a tempeh burger at Laurie's (Bikini Girls Diary / Deni Kirkova)

Toby got a tempeh burger at Laurie’s (Bikini Girls Diary / Deni Kirkova)

Chachas Ice Cream

It’s going to be a beautiful day at Bondi this week so head down to Chachas Ice Cream on Campbell Parade, Bondi, where everything is plant-based. This ice cream parlour is a dream come true.

When I went to try it out I chose wondrous flavours including Sesame (for Halloween), Dark Chocolate (they have m*lk too), and Peanut Butter (with actual peanuts in, yum!).

Toby & I got large size at Chachas Ice Cream (Bikini Girls Diary / Deni Kirkova)

Toby & I got large size at Chachas Ice Cream (Bikini Girls Diary / Deni Kirkova)

They have so many more and they’re all delicious (I sampled basically all of them!) A small pot is $6 so it’s not even expensive. Treat yo’self. xxx

p.s. Watch my latest YouTube video to see me tucking in to the vegan ice cream on the beach & Toby showing off his six-pack while drinking his melted (Oh Toby!) – Happy World Vegan Day!

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Deni xox

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