Wod on the Waves: Royal Carribean Cruise

Wod On The Waves Fitness Cruise from Miami to the Bahamas

Wod On The Waves: One of a kind fitness cruise from Miami to the Bahamas

We headed on the ultimate fitness cruise, filled with six packs, bikini girls, cross-fitters and cameras. 

What Went Down On The Wild Fitness Cruise

What didn’t?! On day one we board the Wod on the Waves Cruise and start a meet and greet getting to know fellow influencers and making friends with the athletes and team. We change into our swimming stuff and head up to the top deck (12) for a loud sailing away party. With a mimosa in hand and a complimentary C4 pre-workout in the other we set off to the Bahamans packed with energy.

Wod on the Waves: Royal Carribean Cruise

Wod on the Waves: Royal Carribean Cruise

The party lasted all afternoon and as the sun went down some of us #FITSPOS headed down the cruises’ well equipped en-board gym. Josh and I had a great leg and booty (me) and shoulder and chest (Josh) workout – although never have I seen so many gym bunnies and guys in one gym…. put it this way there was a lot of super, tri and even quadruple-setting going on; is that even a thing?!

Each evening the Cruise arranged themed parities for their guests including a Toga Party, Red Party and an 80’s party which all went down with great success.


The second morning we woke up and headed down for breakfast – little did we know as we were seated at our table by the window that we had just decked in Nassau, an island in the Bahamas. At Nassau there were planned trips from deep sea diving to sight seeing for the guests of the cruise all organised by Wod on the Waves, however me and my little clan headed straight to the beach to ‘play and Make content’ – what we mean by that is do some flips, splits and handstands on the sand- consistently falling over (me!) whilst the others were watched and wow’d (Gina and Lauren) – there instagrams are linked and I fully recommend you check them out!

Date Fit

After Nassau we headed back to the cruise, unfortunately we weren’t off to the second island due to the storms, but our captain was very professional ensuring our safety was the number one importance and he wouldn’t risk the trip. Not that the cruise was a bad place to be stuck on anyway…

A lot of the other cruisers, were single and Date Fit who sponsored Wod on the Waves had a fantastic idea to get all the singles down to mingle at a dating event on the second night! It certainly is a great idea to me, as cruising with my partner, Josh who’s just as much, if not more of a fitness fanatic to me was amazing! For those who weren’t on the cruise and love the idea of meeting someone single and of course FIT, it’s highly recommended that you should also download this app. 

The Awesome Food

The food was probably mine and most definitely Josh’s favourite part. With dishes for each allergen and catering need. As I’m gluten and dairy free I was shocked to find a buffet option up on deck 11 with 3 courses: main, starter and dessert all that catered for my requirements and I certainly made the most of them…

cake on wod on the waves

All of the delicious dairy and gluten free cake options: (Yes, I ate them all…)

Our Luxury Room

We had an Ocean Deluxe balcony room which was stunning, it’s spacious with large French windows that look out into the beautiful ocean and a dressing table and a little en-suite bathroom attached. Our room was sponsored by DateFit.

The main dining room on deck 3-5 is very luxurious and caters a sit down service which comes at no extra price to the buffet but gives a more holiday in luxe feel. The grand stairways and lifts marked for several excellent photo opportunities for Josh and I… it really is the ultimate luxury escape – with nothing but tranquil ocean surrounding you.

All in all I think Wod on The Waves was the perfect balance to a luxury, fitness cruise! I’m very much planning on going back again and I think Wod on the waves and date fit absolutely nailed it!

Hope you enjoyed the blog, love Vicky xx

Oh, and all you single ladies and gents if you want to get date fit, click here…


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